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"Santa Sanayi Mamulleri" is an international trading and industrial company doing business mainly on cement, bulk solids handling and sugar mill sectors for 19 years.


AltmayerBTD GmbH & Co. KG - Bulk Solids Handling

altmayerBTD is one of Europe’s leading tank, container and system manufacturers and is one of the pioneers in container technology..
More than 90 years of skill have made the company famous as the technology leader of its entire industry. We are the right partner for system, container, energy and environmental technology.
From single components to large turn-key systems, AltmayerBTD supplies technically mature, custom-made problem solutions of high quality standard for your bulk material process. In Turkish industry & worldwide, we operate various equipments and systems.

Storage, processing, dispensing and transport of explosive bulk solids demand a high level of safety technology and adherence to applicable regulations.
For decades, altmayerBTD has been an established name in manufacturing such systems for the national and international markets..
Whether for coal dust, alternative fuels, dried sewage sludge or animal meal, altmayer has the specialized knowledge for planning, producing and installing pressure-shock-resistant silos and their safety equipment, such as pneumatic dense-flow conveyors with containers.
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Robecco GmbH - Originally a classic owner led electrical engineering company, has developed into a globally present service oriented specialist for modern, forward- locking control systems and switching cabinet construction in the area of mechanical and plant engineering. In special, robecco has established in the business of coal grinding plants. robecco supplys special controls to inerting systems and to coal powder silos.
The gas analyser system robecco G.A.S. ® and the full automatic controlling robecco secure center ® is used to secure explosive processes.
Reliably undertakes the measurement of safety-related parameters during the operation of coal grinding units.
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Yara GmbH - Inertization Systems; Fire and Explosion Prevention.

Since more than 30 years Yara supplies turn key inerting systems with carbon dioxide or nitrogene as inert gas. Each system is designed and manufactured according to individual customer needs and specifications. More than 400 systems are in operation in all 5 continents. Local directives and conditions are strictly observed, they do play an important role for the engineering and conception of the systems, which are based on 4 basis models. (CO2 High pressure tank inerting system, CO2 Low pressure tank inerting system with evaporizer, CO2 High pressure battery inerting system, N2 High pressure packs inerting system)
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Thomas Broadbent & Sons Ltd

Welcome to the Broadbent Sugar Division. The Broadbent range of batch centrifugals and continuous sugar centrifugals is one of the most modern and extensive in the world. In addition to processing sugar (Sucrose), our products can be adapted to process other crystalline products such as Dextrose, Fructose and Nitrates.

With a team of highly-skilled, knowledgeable professionals, we provide a full service of design and specification, supplying single units or complete centrifugal stations, as well as offering upgrades and conversions for both Broadbent and other makes of centrifugal.

Underpinning our work is our meticulous attention to detail and the careful consideration of safety in the operation of our products. Accordingly, our range meets the very highest standards including conformance to European Standards.

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Omnikon-Drying & Cooling Plants.

OMNIKON Ltd. was founded in 1988. With the expertise in the operation of fluid-bed dryers constructed in Lodz Technical University, our engineers built new fluid-bed equipment for drying and cooling of sugar. Since 1994, we have introduced to production vibro-fluidised drying and cooling systems, combined dryers and coolers with agitators, fluidised coolers, and recently, vertical plate fluidised units and horizontal plug flow coolers with contact cooling The OMNIKON team of specialists incorporates researchers of Łódź Technical University with which OMNIKON signed a “know-how” agreement allowing our company to use results of academic research and pilot-plant systems. The specialists are employed as needed in subsequent projects - Original Web Site
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Abrema-Abraresist-Chromium-Carbide Clad Plates.

Representing one of the most versatile wear resistant materials currently available to the plant engineer, ABRACLAD offers excellent resistance to abrasive wear under moderate to high impact conditions.

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